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Welcome to Tajrobtak, the first and the biggest site in the Arabic world , which is the main reference for buyers to take the decision of buying products or using it, users in this website are sharing their own experiences about products which are available in the markets, beside that they also rate the products.

The terms of use has been written to clarify the relationship between the users and the administration side of the website , so it is really important for all those who are just surfing but is much more important for the users who has been already registrated.

In this article we will make it clear for you what is our responsibility toword you as a user and what is obligated to you toward us:

The site administrator, on the one hand, and the Internet user, who accepted the offer placed on the Internet at the network address , have entered into this agreement as follows.

1. Terms and definitions                                                      

1.1. In this User Agreement, unless the text expressly states otherwise, the following terms will have the following meanings:

“Administrator” - a legal entity that is the administrator of the domain name .

“Comments” - is a work created by the User specifically for use in conjunction with reviews, which is subjected to copyrights.

“Supervisors” - a group of users that has been chosen by the administrator, their job is to read the review before publishing it and make sure that the reviews do not violate the rules of our site, they also answer the people in the support suction.

"Personal Account" - a collection of secure pages of the Site created as a result of user’s registration, that allows the user and give him  the ability to change and supplement their data, receive and edit other information provided by the functional features of the Site.

“Review” is a work that contains photos and articles created by users of the Site where they tell their own opinion about a product. Reviews are subjected to copyright.

“User” - a person who has entered into an Agreement with the Administrator by accepting an offer located on the Internet at the network address User Agreement .The Site user cannot be a person under the age of 16 years.

“Site” - a collection of information, texts, graphics elements, design, images, photos and video materials and other intellectual property, as well as computer programs contained in the information system ensuring the availability of such information on the Internet at the network address, or at other network addresses, but within the domain zone

The area of ​​the Site available at the network addresses, or at other network addresses, but within the domain zone, is a created complex object which is organized by the Administrator.

"Agreement" - This User Agreement that contains a lot of articles to make clear what it is about.

"Parties" - Administrator and User.

“code” - it is a code that is given to every user after he creates it in his personal account “ billing “ , allows him to invite friends by coping the code so that they register using the code he gave them. After their registration the one who gave them his code will get a percent of their earnings.

1.2. All other terms and definitions found in the text of the Agreement are interpreted by the Administrator in accordance of the usual rules of interpretation of the relevant terms established on the Internet.

1.3. The titles of the headings (articles) of the Agreement are intended solely for the convenience of using the text of the Agreement and have no literal legal meaning.

2. The procedure for concluding an agreement

2.1. The text of this Agreement is permanently posted on the Site at the network address, contains all the essential conditions and it is a public offer.

2.2. The proper acceptance of the Offer is considered to be the consistent implementation of the following actions by the User:

2.2.1. Familiarization with the terms of the Agreement;

2.2.2. Entering accurate and up-to-date information as credentials (user login, email address, password with repeated confirmation) and code (the referral program) in the registration form, located on the link "Registration" on the Site;

2.2.3. Putting the symbol in a special field under the heading "I accept the" User Agreement "and" Rules of the Partner Program "in the completed registration form;

2.2.4. Pressing the "Register" button in the completed registration form. By pressing the “Register” button the user has accepted the Agreement of Use , Privacy Policy , and the partnership agreement in the partnership program (affiliate program).

2.3. From the moment the actions specified in clause 2.2 of the Agreement are made, the offer is considered acceptable, and the Agreement is concluded on the conditions specified below.

3. The subject of the Agreement           

3.1 The Administrator provides the User with the opportunity to access the Site, the right to create and publish reviews after they have been checked by the supervisors, post comments, and the User transfers the exclusive rights to the administrator to publish and edit ( by editing the review we mean accepting it or not to be published , moving it to another category , this does not mean in any way that we will change the user opinion or what he has write about a product ) the user reviews and comments.

 4. The procedure for using the Site

4.1. Prior to registration, the Administrator provides any person, including a person who later has performed the actions specified in the Agreement to become a User, access to the Site, information on the Site, including Reviews and Comments, without the ability to leave Comments or writing reviews and use other functions of the Site and Personal account which is available to users.

4.2. After registration, the User is granted access to the Personal Account using credentials - login and password.

4.3. Using the functions available in the Personal Account, the User gets the opportunity to:

4.3.1. Change credentials (email address and password), add a profile picture, subjected to the provisions of clause 8.3.6 of the Agreement, change and manage User data in the Personal Account provided for by the user interface of the Personal Account.

4.3.2. Exchange personal messages with other users of the Site.

4.3.3. The access to the “ billings “ page in where the user can check his balance and apply to a payment offer so we can transfer money to the card that has been giving in the application form.

4.3.4.The access to the “ reviews “ page where the user can see his own reviews and how much he have earned views and money from it.

4.3.4. Publish reviews and comments.

4.4. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure the safety and security of the password to third parties. In case of loss or compromise of the password, as well as in the case of misappropriation by third parties to access personal account, the User is obliged to immediately notify the administrator by e-mail . Until such a message is received, all actions performed from the User’s Personal Account will be considered as completed by the User himself.

4.5. The User is obliged to use the Site and the Personal Cabinet in good faith, without violating the rights and freedoms of third parties, the norms of morality and ethics, without using hardware or technical means that can make changes to the work of the Site and Personal Cabinet that are not provided during their normal use. In particular, the User undertakes not to post on the Site information that violates the rights and interests of third parties. The User is solely responsible for any illegal actions committed by the User using the Site.

5. Review Requirements

5.1. Reviews should be devoted to a specific Product, while it’s present at the time of the preparation of the Review on the market and available to the mass consumer. The user undertakes to indicate the full name of the product, which includes an indication of the type of product, brand and product name. The type of goods is indicated only in Arabic or English.

5.2. It is not allowed to post reviews dedicated to:

5.2.1. Unique Products, including homemade and made-to-order products;

5.2.2. Rare Products, including Antique Products;

5.2.3. Products made in violation of the law, including counterfeit Products;

5.2.4. Sexual products;

5.2.5. Gambling-related products;

5.2.6. Products that are similar or analogically similar in the purpose of the Site;

5.2.7. Products/sites that violate copyright law;

5.2.8. Products intended to deceive users, advertising products and others (sites with paid surveys, clicks, likes, reposts, surfing, etc.);

5.2.9. Actions or methods of actions, that indirectly relates to the Product, including recipes;

5.2.10. Specific individuals with their name and other personal data, regardless of their relationship with the Products;

5.2.11. Youtube personal pages and channels with fewer than 200,000 subscribers;

5.2.12. Politics and politicians;

5.2.13. Perfumes are not in the original packaging (otlivantam);

5.2.14. Probers of the caring cosmetics, if the volume of the probe is insufficient to assess the result;

5.2.15. Caring cosmetics, diets, cosmetics and/or surgical procedures, if after application of the procedure or insufficient time has passed for the evaluation result.

5.3. Reviews should be:

5.3.1. Creative, which means, the User is obliged to create a Review with his own personal creative work without the involvement of third parties in the creation of the Feedback “Review”;

5.3.2. Subjective, which means, the User must create a Review solely based on a personal experience of using the Product;

5.3.3. Reliable, which means, do not contain deliberately false information about the Product;

5.3.4. Evaluative, which means, the feedback “Review” must contain the opinion of the User on the properties of the Product, and the Review should not contain information discrediting the honor of the dignity and reputation of third parties (including legal parties), should not violate the rights, morality, and ethics.

5.3.5. Unique, which means, the User has no right to post a Review on the Site that repeats or based on another User’s previously published work;

5.3.6. Informative, which means, the User must reflect in the Review the main consumer properties of the Product, but without affecting the consumer properties of the Product to other Users, which includes not disclose the content of films and books.

5.4. The Photographic work as a part of the review must be in jpg, jpeg, png formats, the maximum download size is 20 MB. Photos in the review should be unique, high-quality, clear, relate to the topic of the review. It is forbidden to use images from the Internet. Distortion of the results of product use in graphics editors is unacceptable. In reviews, it is allowed to add screenshots of maps, screenshots made by the User from the video, as well as screenshots of background information on the subject of the review.

Collages from images are allowed only if they have at least one unique photo taken by the author. The author of the review is responsible for the use of other people's photos. It is allowed to add to the collages only photos published under licenses allowing their free use for commercial purposes.

5.5. It is forbidden to post reviews for a fee or gifts from third parties, as well as in the framework of contests or promotions held by third parties.

5.6. The user has the right to add to the review image of the cash voucher (including the check of the online cash register) as a document confirming the purchase of goods/services. Also, as supporting documents it is allowed to upload photos of tickets to the cinema, theaters, museums, concerts, sports events, etc. Supporting documents must contain the name of the product or service (written in Arabic and/or English letters), the price, as well as the details of the check and issuing organization. Supporting documents are published on the review page.



6. Rights of Reviews and Comments

6.1. The user voluntarily creates reviews and/or comments for use as part of the Site and performs actions to publish Reviews and/or Comments on the Site.

6.2. Reviews and Comments should not violate the rights, freedoms, and interests of third parties, should not contain deliberately false information and information discrediting the honor of the dignity and reputation of third parties (including legal parties), and should not violate the rights, morality, and ethics.

6.3. From the moment of the publication of the Review and/or Comment on the Website, the User donates (alienates) the Administrator the exclusive right in full for each Review and/or Comment created and/or published by the User on the Website to edit it , remove it or delete it permanently( when we say edit it this does not mean any change in what the user wrote about a product or his opinion this only means moving the review to another category or another page etc.) . The user has the right to post a Review in his blog / other sources no earlier than two weeks after the publication of the review on the Site.

6.4. Due to the fact that the Reviews and Comments are an integral part of the Site, they cannot be deleted and withdrawn by the User. In this case, in the case of non-compliance of the Feedback and/or Comment with the requirements specified in clause 5 of the Agreement, the Administrator has the right to remove such Feedback and/or Comment independently.

6.5. The user gives the Administrator permission:

6.5.1. Post a Review on the Site in conjunction with other Reviews related to the same Product;

6.5.2. Use Review in conjunction with Comments, regardless of the artistic value of such Comments.

6.5.3. Delete Reviews or comments independently.

7. User Personal Data

7.1. The user agrees to the Administrator for the processing of personal data provided at the conclusion of the Agreement, including:

7.1.1. Full Name;

7.1.2. E-mail address;

7.1.3. Country and city of residence;

7.1.4. User's electronic wallet number (Visa card number or PayPal number) in payment systems.

7.2. The procedure of using personal information by the Administrator which is received from users of the Site is set out in the privacy policy that is available to Users on the Internet at the network address Privacy Policy.

7.3. The Administrator has the right to transfer information about the User to third parties if such transfer is necessary for the Administrator to fulfill the user’s obligations under the Agreement.

7.4. The processing of personal data means the recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), including cross-border, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data that are not subjected to special categories for the processing which requires a written consent of the User.

7.5. Processing of personal data is carried out in order to fulfill the Administrator’s obligations under the Agreement, provide the User with technical support, review appeals and claims of Users, send informational messages to the User’s email address, as well as confirming the registration on the Site and performing other actions on the Site by certain individuals “Users”.

7.6. The User may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, as well as delete or change their personal data by sending the Administrator a notification from the User’s email address specified during registration on the Site to the Administrator's email address . At the same time, the User understands that the Administrator has the right to continue using such information in cases permitted by applicable law.

7.7. Technical information refers to information that is automatically transmitted to the Administrator during the use of the Site using software installed on the User’s device. Technical information is not personal data. The administrator uses cookies and similar technologies to identify the User’s device. Cookies are text files available to the Service to process information about the activity of the User’s device. The user can disable the use of cookies in the browser settings.

7.8. The administrator has the right to provide information about the User to law enforcement agencies or other governmental agencies in the framework of the judicial process or within the framework of the investigation on the basis of a court decision, an enforceable request or by way of cooperation, as well as in other cases stipulated by applicable law.

7.9. The administrator has the right to provide information about the User to third parties in order to identify and suppress fraudulent actions, to fix technical problems or security problems.

7.10. The administrator has the right to permanently delete any user account or reviews or comments independently without asking for a promotion if he sees that it’s better for the interests of the site.

8. Intellectual property and limitations while using the Site

8.1. The site contains the results of intellectual activity belonging to the Administrator, its affiliates and other related parties, sponsors, partners, representatives, all other persons acting on behalf of the Administrator, and other third parties.

8.2. By using the Site,(surfing the website “” as a visitor or surfing it as a user ) the User acknowledges and agrees that the entire contents of the Site and the structure of the contents of the Site are protected by copyright, intellectual property rights and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, on all media in relation to all technologies as currently existing and developed or created afterward. No rights to any content of the Site are transferred to the User as a result of using the Site and entering into the Agreement.

8.3. For the avoidance of doubt, the User is prohibited from:

8.3.1. Coping and/or distributing any of the objects of intellectual property rights, posted on the Site, unless they have received written permission by the administrator.

8.3.2. Using the information obtained on the Site for commercial activities, profit, or using it inconsistent with law.

8.3.3. Coping, or otherwise using the programming part of the Site, as well as its design.

8.3.4. Placing on the Site personal data of third parties, without their consent, including home addresses, phone numbers, passport data, email addresses or any other kind of personal data without their permission

8.3.5. Changing, in any way, the programming part of the Site, or/and taking actions aimed at changing the functioning and operation of the Site.

8.3.6. Using offensive and violating actions on the rights and freedoms of third parties and groups of words as the user name and other account information, as well as upload images as avatars that violate norms of public morality.

9. Special conditions

9.1. The site may contain links to other sites on the Internet (third party sites). These third parties and their content are not checked by the Administrator for compliance with any requirements (accuracy, completeness, legality, etc.). The Administrator is not responsible for any information, materials posted on third-party sites to which the User gets access using the Site, including for any opinions or statements expressed on third-party sites, advertising, etc., as well as for the availability of such sites or content and the consequences of their use by the User.

9.2. The Administrator does not guarantee that the Site meets the requirements of the User, that access to the Site will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors.

9.3. Software and hardware errors, both on the Administrator’s side and on the User’s side, which might result in the inability of the User to access the Site and/or Personal Account, are circumstances of insuperable force and ground for exemption from liability for non-fulfillment the obligations by the Administrator under the Agreement.

10. Responsibility

10.1. The User is obliged within 7 (seven) calendar days to respond to the request of the manufacturer or distributor of the Product, based on the Review, in particular, specify the order number, date, address where the User receives the Product. The request of the manufacturer or distributor and the response of the User can be sent using the Comments or messages in the personal account. The user is obliged to respond to requests only from confirmed accounts of official representatives of organizations (see paragraph 10.3).

10.2. In case of user’s refusal to provide identification data to the company representative, the user is obliged to provide supporting documents directly to the Site Administration upon request. The site administration undertakes not to disclose and not to transfer to third parties the information received from the user, with the exception of cases provided for.

10.3. To assign the status of an official representative of a company to an organization that owns an account, it is necessary to send an official letter to the site’s support service on the organization’s letterhead, from which it follows that the registered login really belongs to the company's representative. The letter must be stamped and contain the main details of the organization (full name, TIN, legal address, etc.). After verification, the account is marked as confirmed and receives the status of the official representative of the brand/company.

10.4. The Power of the company’s official's representatives is limited by the Site Rules. Official representatives of companies are not given the right to moderate reviews. In case of violation of the Site Rules, the account may be blocked regardless to their position in their own company’s.

10.5. The administrator has the right to delete Review in the case of:

10.5.1. Violation of at least one of the requirements for revocation specified in section 5 of the Agreement.

10.5.2. Violation by the User of clause 8.3 of the Agreement.

10.5.3. If the Review is published in violation of the rules for constructing a catalog of Products on the Site.(for example if the review was written about a car and it has been categorized under the category “ Tourism “)

10.5.4. If the Review contains insults and threats to someone’s address or calls for violence.

10.6. The Administrator has the right to block a user account if:

10.6.1. The user has created several accounts;

10.6.2. The user has posted a Review \ comment containing insults and threats to someone’s address or incitement to violence.

10.6.3. The administration has learned that the User is a person under the age of 16 years.

10.6.4. If the administrator sees that it satisfy the benefits of his own or the benefits of the website.

11. Dispute Resolution Procedure

11.1. All disputes, disagreements, and claims that may arise in connection with the execution, termination or invalidation of the Agreement, the Parties will seek to resolve through negotiations. The party with claims and/or disagreements sends a message to the other Party indicating any claims and/or disagreements that have arisen.The main reference to resolve any disagreements or claims is the Terms of Use(user agreement) in Arabic version.(

11.2. In case, there was no response to the message from the responding Party to the Party that sent the message within 30 (thirty) working days from the date the corresponding message was sent, or if the Parties do not come to an agreement on any claims and/or disputes that have arisen, the dispute must be resolved in court where the administrator’s residence.

12. Changes to the terms of the Agreement

12.1. The administrator has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Agreement, and such changes will take effect upon the expiration of 3 (three) days from the date of publication of the new version of the Agreement.

12.2. At each subsequent visit to the Site prior to the moment of start using the Site and the Personal Account, the User undertakes to get acquainted with the new version of the Agreement. Continued use of the Site and Personal Account will indicate the User’s consent to the terms of the new version of the Agreement.

12.3. If the User does not agree with the terms of the new version of the Agreement, he ceases to use the Site.


13. Final provisions

13.1. The agreement and all legal relations arising from it are complying with the provisions of the Jordanian Constitution, and claims or disagreements are resolved by the provisions of the Constitution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

13.2. The recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or not enforceable does not entail the invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.

13.3. Inaction on the part of the Administrator in the event of a violation by any of the Users of the provisions of the Agreement does not deprive the Administrator of the right to take later appropriate actions in defense of their interests and protection of intellectual rights to the Site materials which are protected by law.

13.4. The user confirms that he has read all the provisions of the Agreement, understood and accepted them.



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